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Seek and Find

Seek and Find is a story about the journey of self discovery—a relentless negotiation of self, desire, vulnerability, and eventually—the monumental act of reclaiming power and choosing joy. 

Video is best when viewed with the sound on.

Meet the Team

Michelle D’Cruz

Michelle holds a deep rooted belief that the status quo is meant to be challenged, and that thoughtful design can help drive communities forward. She has committed her life to uplifting the work of womxn through leadership initiatives, educational outreach and creative, youth-driven projects. She is an artist by nature, creative strategist by profession, and advocate for equitable outcomes by necessity. Michelle’s understanding of design is such that it is not separate from the social world. Rather, consciously crafted design impacts and moves people to act as engaged consumers and active community stakeholders.

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Christopher Glenn

Backbeat Motion is a design studio in Cincinnati, Ohio established by Christopher Glenn where ideas and feelings come to life. Through motion graphics and projection mapping, Christopher helps bring life to illustrations.  

Christopher has worked with clients of all sizes, in industries of all types—helping them share their ideas visually. Everyday, he aims to help clients communicate in a memorable and unique way, by breaking down complex concepts and transforming them into fun-to-understand experiences. He is truly jazzed every single time he takes on a new project because it’s another chance to form a new relationship and connection.

These relationships, and the collaboration that happens within a strong partnership, are core to the success of his work. Here, egos are always in the backseat. Christopher strives to always advance the best ideas and do it with kindness and humility. He is always looking ahead, searching for and learning new ways to push the boundaries of what’s expected.

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Dan Wagner

Dan Wagner is a Cinematographer, Lighting Technician, Concert Visuals Director and all-around camera and tech nerd. He graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinema. He shoots video content for a variety of different brands and athletes, from P&G to Olympic freeskiers. Dan also has a passion for live music, projection mapping and experiential art installations. He has worked on multiple events that incorporated projection-mapped visuals that are reactive to live musical performances at Mecca OTR, The Mockbee, and The Thompson House and other venues around Cincinnati.  When he’s not working he enjoys skateboarding, skiing, attending concerts and doing DIY projects around his studio and house. 

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Courtney Duncan

Our dance visionary is Courtney Duncan. Courtney tirelessly listened, responded and channeled her evocative talent into every beat of this track. 

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