We believe that creative exploration should be applied to all facets of life.

We are a full-service, multi-disciplinary creative studio—a collective of designers, artists, writers, and planners who lead each new initiative with the core tenets of creativity and community-centered practice. We are makers. We are doers. And above all else, we are collaborators. 

At MDC, we strive each and every day to use design principles to amplify the amazing work of public-driven organizations. And, as seasoned design strategists, we simply light up at the prospect of using our creative capacities to share resources, further connect communities, and help tell the story of our beautiful city and state. 

Areas of expertise


Our team uses human-centered techniques to creatively and innovatively solve problems. Whether Digital, Print, or Environmental, we will work with you to craft from the ground up and manage the entire process from concept to implementation.


Our team will help you find the words to express the heart, mission, and focus of your project.


For complex projects that require insight and planning, our team will help unpack the appropriate questions so that we can get things right the first time. We’ll incorporate an entire visual and messaging suite that can be deployed either by us or by you, and in a way that both captures and holds your intended audience.


Big ideas require the know how to maneuver the abstract into the tangible. We work hand in hand to design systems, curate the visual and written narrative, and execute awareness across digital, print, and media landscapes.

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