YWCA of Greater Cleveland

Collective communities combating structural inequity

Brand Identity, Campaign, Copywriting, Digital Design, Print Collateral
YWCA of Greater Cleveland

Across 400 years of American history, African Americans have endured slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and redlining among many other social injustices. Equity Leaders in Cleveland had a vision to bring the community together and address systemic racism as a public health crisis. The YWCA of Greater Cleveland lead this effort and leaned on our team for our strategic visual guidance. We developed the visual and campaign strategies for The 400 Years of Inequity Action Summit and It’s Time for Equity—a twelve-month initiative.

The Action Summit brought together critical thinkers, doers and public health experts from around the country to create new pathways to address systemic racism at a policy, structural, and social level.

Using the ethos of A Call To Action, we developed tiered content pilars to center intersectional voices that shed light on the multifaceted ways systemic racism continues to impact communities across our nation.

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